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My Journey So Far

Hi and welcome to my little corner of the world,

I can clearly remember that as a small child I had a fascination for all things weird and wonderful

and Goddessy, furiously working my way through the schools reading tree to get to silver level, to

read the stories of the ancient Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses! Ever since then I’ve

continued to explore and read about all things esoteric – and finally about ten years ago I started

making a conscious effort to really discover my path and walk with the feminine divine.

A natural starting place was Glastonbury and I studied with a wonderful priestess there learning

the ways of the Goddess over the space of a couple of years. She then encouraged myself and my

SiStars to walk our own paths and journeys and have trust in the wonders and mysteries that

would be revealed to us.

I started blogging my musings and adventures some 4 years ago, in which I have shared my

unfolding journey with the Goddess as well as exploring further topics as they presented

themselves - witchcraft, runes, tarot, crystal healing and reiki for starters. As well as this I am

involved in several local Pagan groups and founded our Moon Circle - our very own Pagan Red

Tent 2 years ago and started running camps, retreats and workshops for my immediate circle and

am looking forward to expanding this and sharing my world and experiences with you, and

maybe being a small part in your own individual journeys. Blessed be

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