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Talking With My Goddess

For those of you who aren't on Facebook, I've started uploading my Sunday Talking With My Goddess Lives on to You Tube...

Each Sunday at 11 o'clock I host a Facebook live with an expert in their field and we have an interactive informal chat about all sorts of weird and wonderful things!

Topics so far have included:

Brigid, The Cailleach

Crystals and Crystal Healing

Chakras and Chakra Dancing

Oracles and Tarot


As well as various Sabbat Rituals

So why not check them put on my You Tube channel?

This is my latest one with my friend Laura where we chatted about Yoga:

This Week my friend Albion Tony Grey is going to talk to me about The Gods and the Divine Masculine - which I know nothing about! Other upcoming topics include : Spring Equinox, Tree Lore, Hypnotherapy, Gratitude and Reflexology...

Take Care!

Claire x x

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